Mass market

As a sector that is undergoing very strong development due to the pressure to “consume better” and environmental issues, mass consumption and associated brands need support throughout their distribution channels (generalist/specialist brands or sites, short circuits, out-of-home catering). We help them to develop innovative services and customer experience, to optimize their customer knowledge and ultimately to implement it thanks to the best of technology.

Transformation & challenges
Digital/Physical Experience

Faced with a more reasoned and quality-conscious consumer, mass consumption brands are optimising their multi-channel distribution strategy (store, web, mobile, social networks) and promotion by optimising the customer experience (personalisation, reinsurance, instantaneous relationships, advice, new experiences).

Sales efficiency

Our clients provide their teams with the best tools (clienteling, link with marketing automation and RS platforms, intelligent reporting) to free themselves from the retailer relationship and offer new experiences (pre-booking, smartphone scanners, payment terminals, loyalty programs, product geolocation).

Our services
Customer centric marketing
Customer strategy, customer loyalty, definition of a multi-channel customer animation plan, optimization of the consumer journey.
Service innovation
Framework for service innovation through design, design thinking (digital and point of sale), framing of the offer using the business canvas methodology, framing and supervision of POC (objectives, MVP, scope, market targets, etc.), launch plan, etc.
Commercial performance
Omnichannel CRM framework (sales, marketing automation, customer service), optimisation of sales and point-of-sale organisation and processes.
Solution & IS consulting
Omnichannel CRM transformation master plan, support in the choice of technological solution.
Animation / deployment of project framing methodology
Design Thinking, Business Canvas.
Project support in agile mode
Agile coaching of our customers (SCRUM, KANBAN), analysis of the existing situation and recommendations, support to agile teams (PO / SCRUM MASTER), repositioning and optimization of agile processes.
Project framing, UX/UI design, custom adaptation of the solution, support for the sales teams in the appropriation of the tool.
SalesForce Ecosystem Implementation
Project framing, specification, rollout support – France international: Sales / Marketing / Service client / Reporting.
Design web/mobile services, e-commerce (Digital Factory)
Framing, UX/ UI design and development of web and mobile applications.
Data Management (Talend partner)
Big Data architecture framework, data governance, database migration and data storage on-premise or cloud, ETL, data quality, etc.
Data analysis
Single customer vision, customer value mapping, inventory management, store performance, seasonality analysis, impact analysis of sales actions, inventory and supply chain optimization, improvement of the purchasing tunnel.
Data Visualisation (Qlik partner, Tableau, Thoughspot)
Framing, support for implementation and appropriation.
Innovation through data science and AI
Sales forecasting model, fraud prevention and detection, AI-Bots, POC AI and support for industrialization.
Change management
Deployment audit, action plan and roadmap, framing and implementation of pilots, implementation of KPIs and monitoring tools, user assistance, drafting of user guides/operational procedures, deployment of exchange tools (chatbot, gaming platform).
Roll-out support
Parameterization and deployment of software packages and associated processes over the entire customer environment (France and international), project communication management, continuous optimization of the solution in connection with TPM.
Lean six sigma, Agile methods, Scrum, AI acculturation.


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