Luxury and retail

Actors of responsible growth, constantly seeking product and customer relations excellence, the major players in the sector today drive our economy. We help the most prestigious luxury brands, textile and beauty groups, pure digital multi-specialist players, selective distribution players and department stores to accelerate their business performance and optimize the customer experience through digitalization, data and AI.

Transformation & challenges

Customer Relationship

Faced with the development of e-commerce, associated services, new agile brands and more responsible and environmentally committed consumption, luxury, textile and beauty brands and retailers must rethink their customer experience to develop a sustainable customer relationship while preserving their aura.

Digital/physical experience

In the age of hyper-connected shopping, the physical store and the human staff, augmented by technology, have never been more important in establishing a quality relationship with customers seeking a shopping experience.

Innovation services

To better understand and address a demanding and international clientele, to strengthen the client/salesman relationship, to innovate in order to re-enchant the in-store experience with the help of phygital, to create new services that make life easier for customers… these are all differentiating business and technological challenges to be taken up by the major players in the sector.

Measuring ROI

Activation of customer relations, strengthening of customer knowledge, implementation of an increased CRM, of clienteling solutions, new premium in-store experiences… a customer-centric strategy requires measuring business performance and ROI for an efficient steering of the customer vision and the optimization of decisions.

Our services
Customer centric marketing

Customer value mapping, customer strategy and omnichannel customer animation plan.

Customer Experience and Service Innovation

Definition of consumer journey, definition of digital or premium in-store experiences.

Customer Relationship

Clienteling strategy, design of digital devices.

Commercial performance

Omnichannel CRM framing (sales, marketing, etc.) automation, customer service, mobile application…), performance analysis, optimisation of commercial efficiency (organisation, tools, processes).


Data and customer knowledge strategy, AI acculturation.


Omnicanal transformation master plan, support in the choice of technological solution.

Animation / deployment of project framing methodology

Design Thinking, Business Canvas.

Project support in agile mode

Agile coaching of our clients (SCRUM, KANBAN), analysis of the existing situation and recommendations, support for agile teams (PO / SCRUM MASTER), re-positioning and optimization of agile processes.


Project framing, UX/UI design, custom adaptation of the solution, support for the sales teams in the appropriation of the tool.

SalesForce Implementation

Project framing, specification, rollout support – France & international : Sales / Marketing / Customer Service / Reporting.

Web and mobile services design (Digital Factory)

Framing, UX/ UI design and development of web and mobile applications.

Data Management (Talend partner)

Big Data architecture framework, data governance, base migration and on -premise or cloud data storage , ETL, data quality.

Data analysis

Single customer vision, customer value mapping, inventory management, store performance, seasonality analysis, impact analysis of sales actions, inventory and supply chain optimization, improvement of the purchasing tunnel.

Data Visualisation (partner Qlik, Tableau, Thoughspot)

Framing, support for implementation and appropriation.

Innovation through data science and AI

Sales forecasting model, fraud prevention and detection, IA-Bots, POC IA and support for industrialization.

Change management

Deployment audit, action plan and roadmap, framing and implementation of drivers, KPIs and monitoring tools, user assistance, writing of user guides/operational procedures, deployment of exchange tools. (chatbot, gaming platform)

Roll-out support

Parameterization and deployment of software packages and associated processes over the entire customer environment (France and international), project communication management, continuous optimization of the solution in connection with TPM.


Lean six sigma, Agile methods, Scrum, AI acculturation.


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