In a turbulent context (population aging, natural disasters, regulatory constraints, etc.) and the digitization of services, the major players in property and personal insurance (mutuals, insurers, provident institutions, etc.) and their distributors (brokers , banks, agent networks, etc.) seek to take advantage of the transformations that are shaking up their markets. Our dual tech and customer relationship DNA ideally positions us on these key issues.

Transformation & challenges
Customer Experience

Today’s insurance players are focused on optimizing the omnichannel customer experience, from branch networks, customer service and up to web and mobile sites and applications.


Regulatory impact

Combining sector and regulatory expertise (GDPR, Solvency II, DDA, etc.), understanding of asset management issues and a global openness to new technologies, our experts are able to meet the expectations of insurance professionals and their transformation needs.


Digital and SI transformation

Faced with the high stakes of digitalisation and the new competition from insurtech players, our clients are accelerating their transformation and equipping themselves with high-performance information systems. We are involved in the management of digitisation projects (single client vision, P&C, Life) but also on the entire IS (migration, upgrade, implementation).

Our services
Customer Experience
Definition and optimization of the consumer journey, innovation web/mobile service.
IS consulting and choice of solutions
Deployment of project framing methodology
Design Thinking, Business Canvas, Lean management.
Project support in agile mode
Agile coaching of our clients (SCRUM, KANBAN), analysis of the existing situation and recommendations, support for agile teams (PO / SCRUM MASTER), re-positioning and optimization of agile processes.
Regulatory developments (GDPR, Solvency II, DDA...)
Support for the consideration of IS and organizational.
Project Owner
Steering, coordination of business activities / CIOs and project management complex, audit and framing, functional specifications, organization and monitoring of revenues/ TAU and end-to-end, support for functions support, post-implementation support and production (run).
Project Manager

Studies, costing, design, implementation of solutions, release management, development and parameterization, integration tests and acceptance, writing documentation :
– Software package expertise: KAPIA RGI, ANTENIA, OKAYO
– Languages & Cloud expertise: Java, Python, UIPath, C++, C#, AWS, Azure.

Customer or Employee Centered Experience
Project framing and implementation of the Salesforce ecosystem (Sales, Service, Commerce, Platform, B2B, Collaborative…).
Digital Factory, web and mobile services
Framing, UX/UI design, creation and development of web and mobile applications.
Data Management
Big Data architecture framing, data governance, database migration and on-premise or cloud data storage, ETL (Talend), data quality.
Data Visualisation
Framing, support for implementation and appropriation. (Qlik, Table, Thoughspot)
Innovation through data science and AI
Sales/risk forecasting model, fraud prevention and detection, RPA, AI-Bots, R&D/ POC AI/ support in the industrialization of algorithms with the help of our AI Lab.
Fintech innovation
Implementation project management, project and team coordination, methodological support, support for the apprehension of business and technical environments.
Change management
Deployment audit (users, geography, business, resources), action plan and roadmap, framing and implementation of drivers, KPIs and monitoring tools, user assistance, writing of user guides/operational procedures, deployment of exchange tools (chatbot, gaming platform)…
Roll-out support
Configuration and deployment of software packages and associated processes throughout the customer environment (France and international), management of project communication, continuous optimization of the solution in conjunction with TPM.
Lean six sigma, Agile methods, Scrum, acculturation AI.


For a tailor-made support & and an increased experience, come and challenge your projects with our Digital Factory, UX Studio and LAB teams.