Financial Services

Driven by neo banks and Fintech/ Insutech players, a new era centered on customer experience and process improvement is opening up in the banking, finance and insurance sectors at the European level. All players in the sector rely on innovation and digital and AI technologies to develop their organizations, increase the quality and ROI of their services and transform their business models.

Sectorial expertise
Retail Banking

Boosted by the expectations of the millennia, the arrival of fintech, and the need for more connected services, the major banking groups are renewing themselves. Experts in new technologies and customer experience, VO2 Group consultants and experts support retail banks and specialized financial companies – consumer credit, leasing, real estate …- in their digital, organizational and IT transformation.

Corporate and Investment Banking

VO2 Group’s consultants and experts support corporate and investment banks and management companies in their digital, organizational and IS transformation, helping them to face increased international competition and ever-increasing regulatory constraints.


VO2 Group supports the major players in property and personal insurance (mutual insurance companies, insurers, provident institutions, etc.) and their distributors (brokers, banks, networks of general agents or employees, etc.) to help them take advantage of the many transformations that are shaking up their respective markets.

Strategic support for Finance Departments

VO2 Group assists the Finance Departments of large companies and mid-cap companies that want to transform themselves efficiently and adapt to market changes and new regulations: implementation of processes and solutions for means of payment, cash management, trade finance or optimization of financial and decision-making management tools using data and AI.


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