Support to the Financial Departments

In order to adapt efficiently to market changes and new regulations, the Finance Departments of large and medium companies must now implement processes and solutions for payment methods, cash management, trade finance or even the optimization of financial and decision-making tools using data and AI. VO2 Group helps organizations to transform themselves efficiently, thanks to its recognized expertise in banking and finance.

Transformation & challenges
Modernization of Means of Payment

In a fast-changing market, reinforced by the implementation of the new European Directive PSD2, we are helping businesses to accelerate the harmonisation and optimisation of their payment tools and procedures to enhance the experience, security and guarantees of business-to-business and consumer payments.

Opening of the Trade Finance offer

The market is seeing the emergence of new offers and solutions (supply chain management, open account, use of artificial intelligence) that we help implement to optimise banking relations, working capital requirements, management of international operations, financial risks and to secure exchanges, unify payment channels.

Optimizing the performance of financial departments

Thanks to its powerful data visualization solutions and its AI-driven expertise, VO2 Group helps Finance Departments to lift their advisory role to operational and General Management, to support the optimization of performance, the implementation of action plans and the measurement of corrective actions.

Optimisation of Cash Management processes

The centralisation of cash, cash pooling, new reporting solutions or information circuits are all new processes, tools and impacts on the business that require enhanced support, facilitated by our in-depth understanding of the operational and organisational issues related to cash management.

Opening up financial services

Banking and financing services, payment services, insurance… our experience in major service innovation projects, trade finance and cash management/means of payment, enables our clients (companies and pure digital players) to open up to businesses that were previously reserved for banking and insurance players.

Our services
Audit of activities, diagnosis of irritants
Analysis of key business issues
Market research
Market Solutions Mapping
Optimization of organizations
Data and AI-driven framing
AI Acculturation
Regulatory : PSD2, RTS GDPR
Compliance / KYC
Data Management and Data Visualisation
R&D Data Science and AI Algorithm
Project Management IT/Project owner
Project Manager IT/Project owner
Project owner support / Business analyst
Release Leader
Recettes, UAT
Definition of TOM
Financial dashboards - data visualisation and AI
Change management
Deployment audit, action plan and roadmap, framing and implementation of pilots, implementation of KPIs and monitoring tools, user assistance, writing of user guides/operational procedures, deployment of exchange tools. (chatbot, gaming platform)


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