In a context of technological reinforcement within the automotive offer, VO2 Group helps players in the sector to develop and implement a differentiating customer experience to meet the challenges of the digital transition and new customer uses and expectations. Our teams (strategists, Data consultants, IT consultants, Salesforce) support automotive manufacturers throughout their digital transformation process and the management of their business performance.

Transformation & challenges
Renewed driving experience

Geolocalisation, vehicle autonomy through data analysis, automatic adaptation of passenger compartment comfort, etc. The driving experience has been profoundly transformed over the last 10 years thanks to the emergence of new digital and data technologies and the premiumisation of electric vehicles.

Mobility services

Autonomous vehicles, car-sharing, smartphone payment of tolls, new production technologies…vehicle manufacturers are gradually becoming operators of mobility services for both individuals and companies.

Omnichannel customer relationship

Faced with ever more aggressive competition, automotive manufacturers are now moving to an approach centered on customer knowledge, with omnichannel customer paths linked to digital technology making it possible to capture the customer at all stages of the relationship.

Our services
Customer Experience
Improving omnichannel customer routes, development of new experiences for customers and employees.
Customer centric marketing
Framing and deployment of CRM devices and customer references.
Commercial performance
Omnichannel conquest strategy (concessions, points of sale, website presence, dealerships, digital media), the role and evolution of sales support tools in the automotive buying journey.
Data/IA strategy
Creation of new customer use cases made possible by data, AI and digital.
Animation / deployment of project framing methodology
Design Thinking, Business Canvas.
Project support in agile mode (SCRUM, KANBAN) and support for agile teams
SalesForce Sales / Marketing / Service ecosystem implementation client / Reporting
Project framing, specification, rollout support – France international.
Design of web and mobile services, CMS platform (Digital Factory)
Framing, UX/ UI design and development of web and mobile applications.
Product Owner
Steering, coordination of business activities / CIOs and project management complex, audit and framing, functional specifications.
Product Manager
Feasibility study, architecture and costing solutions, technical specifications, user stories, implementation support for technical and functional solutions, Devops, testing, writing documentation. Dev Front / Back / Mobile and Cloud.
Data Management (Talend partner)
Big Data architecture framework, data governance, base migration and on-premise or cloud data storage, ETL, data quality.
Data analysis
Customer segmentation, predictive maintenance, monitoring of purchase orders and delivery notes.
Data Visualisation (partner Qlik, Tableau, Thoughspot)
Framing, support for implementation and appropriation.
Innovation through data science and AI
Predictive maintenance, NPL, Anomaly detection, PLM, AI-Chatbot for business, sentiment analysis (mail, social networks),…
Change management
Deployment audit, action plan and roadmap, framing and implementation of drivers, KPIs and monitoring tools, user assistance, writing of user guides/operational procedures, deployment of exchange tools (chatbot, gaming platform).
Lean six sigma, Agile methods, Scrum, IA acculturation.


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