Frequent regulatory changes, digitalisation and process automation are impacting organisations and require significant increases in operational projects within business units.
Whether it is to accelerate a time to market or to strengthen a specific area of expertise, VO2 FINANCE is a team of business experts who will help you to optimize your projects and ensure your efficiency.

Supporting the middle office
– Middle office, back office and trade support operational teams (capital markets and trade finance activities) / Task force.
Optimization and integration of new processes
Active participation in UATs and reporting of anomalies
Business expertise
– Complex instruments, legal documentation…
Close collaboration
– With project teams for needs analysis.
Implementation of new products
– VBA/Access job optimization and automation tools.
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For a tailor-made support & and an increased experience, come and challenge your projects with our Digital Factory, UX Studio and LAB teams.

L’humain au cœur des nouvelles stratégies d’engagement client

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Depuis deux ans, l’expérience d’achat est profondément renouvelée notamment dans le secteur du Luxe. Le clienteling est devenu un incontournable de la nouvelle relation client et un véritable atout concurrentiel pour les marques.


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