The quest for excellence in business performance and customer experience often reveals opportunities that are difficult to address. Our team of scientific experts (mathematical researchers, Data Scientists, Big Data Architects and data engineers) develops and adapts advanced Machine Learning algorithms to help the Businesses in the analysis of massive and multi-structured data, from the search for insights to POC and industrialization within the IS.


LAB AI helps to accelerate data appropriation and processing by providing tighter support and the implementation of storage, data management or Big Data visualization tools without investing in heavy infrastructure. The industrialization of algorithms is based on best practices in data and code security. We constantly test our algorithms (robustness, performance, scalability) to guarantee you optimal exploitation in production.
Our services
Data & AI driven strategy consulting
– Data Strategy.
– Architectural consulting.
– Data Governance.
– Innovation.
R&D / AI
– Project framing.
– Big Data Insights Search.
– Construction of use cases.
– Algorithm prototyping.
– POC.
– Deep learning.
– Advanced data visualization.
– Animation of training / Webinars / Community / Sessions.
– Support for the industrialization of algorithms within the IS.
– Sourcing and skills transfer.
– Training and acculturation in Data Science and Machine Learning.
– ML and Deep Learning frameworks: Tenserflow, Pytorch.


For a tailor-made support & and an increased experience, come and challenge your projects with our Digital Factory, UX Studio and LAB teams.