Craftmanship places the developer, as the true artisan of the code, at the heart of a design based on quality, security and transmission.

The objective? To provide products and technical solutions in the rules of the art:
fundamental techniques (SOLID, DDD), code writing quality (simple design, object design, TDD test technique, clean code, refactoring), code security, test technique, continuous integration and ease of maintenance.


“Culture of continuous improvement
High quality but economically viable design
Collaborative work VO2 Group and client-developer strengthened”


The expert managers of the VO2 group, as true mentors and in permanent exchange, individually require developers to adopt the know-how to guarantee code security and forge a real repository of good practices by training in new tools and languages. Our editor partners (Talend, Snowflake, Qlik, Toucan Toco, ThoughtSpot, SalesForce) also guarantee a high level of security in the implementation and operation of their solutions.

At VO2 Group, we are pragmatic: without being in the search for perfection, we make sure to deliver solutions based on sound foundations while taking into account the requirements of our customers.



For a tailor-made support & and an increased experience, come and challenge your projects with our Digital Factory, UX Studio and LAB teams.