Created by Alexander Osterwalder, it is a tool for describing and mapping the key elements of a company’s business plan.

VO2 Group’s consultants use it to help clients frame a new services project so that they can structure and prioritize a project roadmap as a whole.


– Vision of the project in its entirety :
From the business dimension to the technical dimension, all the levers required to implement a new product or service are described.

– Detailed project planning :
Each of the bricks of the business model is the subject of an exhaustive and prioritised action plan.

Terms and Conditions

Facilitation of work sessions by our business strategy consultants around a tightened client team – General Management, Marketing or Business lines – after preparatory work of monitoring, market analysis and internal audit. The objective is to describe the 9 components of the service business model: value proposition, customer relationship, customer segments, distribution channels, key resources, key activities, partners, revenue streams and cost structure.

Project roadmap

At the end of the mapping work with the managers, the description and sharing of a project roadmap allows to prioritize all the actions to be implemented to initiate the innovation or the new service from a business, marketing/communication, legal, technical and financial perspective.


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