From the MVP (most valuable product) to the delivery of the final product and its optimizations and within the framework of a reduced time to market, VO2 Group intervenes in a collaborative and iterative way, on the whole life cycle of the products, from the ideation phase to their exploitation. Agile consultants, project managers and developers rely on agile methodologies, SCRUM or KANBAN, to develop quickly operational services or applications, in interaction with project actors.


– Reduced Time to market
– Project flexibility
– Collaborative Approach


VO2 Group adapts agility methods (product backlog, user story, sprint design and development, increment, continuous improvement, sprint planning, daily scrum, sprint review, …) to the budget and planning constraints of large organizations to ensure efficient and realistic project delivery. Our technical team is PSP / PSP2 / KMP certified, supports and coaches CIOs and business units on their new projects by adapting to the reality of their company.


For a tailor-made support & and an increased experience, come and challenge your projects with our Digital Factory, UX Studio and LAB teams.

L’humain au cœur des nouvelles stratégies d’engagement client

Les enseignements du Luxe


Depuis deux ans, l’expérience d’achat est profondément renouvelée notamment dans le secteur du Luxe. Le clienteling est devenu un incontournable de la nouvelle relation client et un véritable atout concurrentiel pour les marques.


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