Customer marketing and journey

In a world of abundant data and the virtual monopoly of digital players who, like Google, Facebook or Amazon, control audiences and pre-empt behavioural data customer-centric projects have become a strategic issue. VO2 Group enables the development and optimization of customer B2B or B2C bases by activating the levers of acquisition and loyalty, and by focusing on the economic viability of the actions and services concerned.


Adopting a 360° customer vision, developing the customer relationship beyond its classic ecosystem, capturing / retaining a customer who is increasingly volatile and less and less constrained to commitment, identifying key moments and optimizing the experience on all points of contact using innovative services or data and AI-driven technology solutions… are the many topics on which VO2 Group consultants, specialists in customer marketing, support their customers.

OUR Services

– Segmentation of customers and uses to adapt the offer and commercial strategy.

– Conversion tunnel analysis to optimize acquisition costs and ROI of operations.

– Data and AI-driven approach framework to identify key data and how to value them.

– Mapping of the customer or user / consumer journey. (before, during, after the act of establishing contact with the brand)

– B2C or B2B CRM diagnosis.

– Construction of functional and technical customer marketing roadmaps.

– Performance measurement dashboard construction and specification.

– Design of multi-channel B2B lead generation plans: inbound, SEO, SEA, affiliation, business input partnerships.


– Definition of the omnichannel customer life plan.

– Designing of loyalty programs.

– Design of data visualization tools – single and 360° customer vision.


– Focus group and customer interviews.

– Analysis of customer expectations – general public, partners or employees.

– Designing of omnichannel client engagement using the customer journey.


– Support and animation of the 360° customer vision.

– Setting up of a customer laboratory. (Process, organization, output)



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